Monday, February 23, 2009



Friday, November 09, 2007

its ALIVE!!!!!

*tid* *tid* *tid* *tid* *tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii*

get the defibrillator ...

set it to 40 joules..

charging..... clear

*boop* - (ps I dun remember what sound it makes)

no response....

set it to 200

charging... clear



to be continued.......

Sunday, May 14, 2006

4 Months Hiatus

Well time flies doesn't it. My last post was Jan 10. Things haven't really changed much since then. Work is still a bitch. Still a lot of late nite.Only thing that has changed is more and more people are leaving the company. All leaving me behind, my closest partners in crime - ditching me for greener pastures. You BASTARDS & BITCHES!!! WHY? WHY? WHYYYYYYYYYYY???????? Dun leave me alone...... *sniff*. How can I survive? Who would I eat lunch with? Who would share in my sorrow? Who would I bitch to? Damn... 

I'm actually very happy for those people who have ditch me to fend for MYSELF. Just remember poor old LONELY me is still being sucked into a wormhole full of uncertainties. How do can I escape from this dark dark dark place? Can someone please throw me a lifeline.. anyone.... 

Ok time to stop bitching. It 430am now. Time to catch some shuteye..... 

Tuesday, January 10, 2006



Hi all! How is everyone doing? Been a while since I blogged. Due to my laziness and work, I have not been really that bothered to come in and blog.  

Currently I'm at Red Box Sunway with a few of my colleagues and of course my other half. And yes I am surfing within Red Box. The first and only karaoke that I know with Free connection. Since they are singing chinese songs I might as well blog a bit.  

Anyway just an update on whats been happening in my life. I've been very busy trying to figure out where my life is leading to. Although i've been in this company for a year, I have not been able to figure out the direction i'm headed to with this job. I do enjoy the job but can't stand the clients. I know that its part and parcel in this line of work but still....  

Due to all the unknown direction I am headed (even my dad says me missing a direction) I've decided that I want to continue with my studies. First wanted to go study pattiserie but then after some soul searching, i've decided to do MBA which would be a better choice. NOw comes the biggest hurdle (no i'm not leaving eunice in Malaysia cause she also wants to continue with her studies) which is MONEY!!! I need to find some means to actually fund it. Thinking of some study loan but if anyone out there is willing to sponsor/loan me I would be truly grateful... ;)  

As for my relationship with Eunice, although there's been ups and downs, I'm hapy that I have her in my life. Its not a rosy rosy relationship but this one relationship I cherish with all my heart and will work hard to ensure that it works. Can't see her not in my life. (hmmm mushy mushy...keke)  

They are still singing chinese songs. Sad.... eunice likes to sing mandarin songs. Damn I wish I could sing but till the day i learn mandarin it will nvr happen. Another 30 mins or so and would have to leave. what to do after this?  

Well this is all for now. Til next time. Take care and God Bless (hopefully the next time I would be writing for aussie ;) ) 

Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Basically most of the time I come in is just to inform everyone that I'm ALIVE!!! thats all.... just lost interest in updating my blog. My life is too much of a bore. The only bright thing is Eunice (if ppl out there dunno, she is my other half, my better half).  

Nothing else to say but cherio. 

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Back in Ipoh

Finally after nearly 2 and half months I am back in Ipoh. This I think has been the longest that I have nvr been back since I completed my studies. I miss Ipoh but most importantly I'm back to see my parents cause 2 and half months is a long time for me not to see them.  

Been so busy with work. Just got confirmed but dunno if I should be happy or sad. The reason for this is cause now I am required to give 2 mths notice if I ever decide to leave the company. On the bright side, by being confirmed, I guess it shows that I didn't screw up in a major way for the first 6 mths or not I dun think they would have confirmed me.  

Have just been given responsibility to another account for the company. I'm proud that they have faith enough on me to pass it to me but sometimes I just wonder whether or not I can take the pressure. Really need to work hard but it is not as if I haven't been. I need to give 200% now.  

Anyway this weekend would be rest, rest, rest and also spend time with my parents. Thats it for now. Will be back in a months time. HAHA. till then adios...  

p.s. for those who do not know yet, I'm finally attached =)  

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Disappearing Act

Hmm been a while... still alive and kicking. Been busy with work. Falling sick now and then due to work stress and also cause of the stupid haze. Anyway just a short note. Will write more when i am more free. Ciao